ELectric Water Pump for TOYOTA

What is electric water pump?

The traditional water pump is driven by a belt or chain that makes once the engine starts working ,the water pump works together ,especially in the low temperature state in winter, the water pump still works without needing , as a result,which makes long time warm-up for the car and wearing out the engine, and increasing the fuel consumption.

The electric coolant pump,as the name meaning, which is driven by electronic, and running the circulation of coolant for heat dissipation. as it’s electronic, which can be controlled by the ECU, so the speed can be very low when the car starts in cold states that helps the engine heat up quickly as well as reduce the energy consumption.It can also work at full load when the engine in high-power condition and not affect by engine speed, which controls the temperture very well.

The traditional water pump ,once engine stops, the water pump stops as well, and the warm air is gone at the same time. but this new electronic water pump can continue to work and keeps warm air after the engine is turned off, it will automatically run for a period of time to dissipate heat for the turbine.